04-07-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWe Should Do As His Word Wills
04-07-2013 PMMelvin SpencerAnyway
04-14-2013 AMMelvin SpencerHow to Encourage One Another
04-14-2013 PMMelvin SpencerA Way of Life
04-21-2013 AMMelvin SpencerA Sermon About Nothing
04-21-2013 PMMelvin SpencerReligious but not Righteous
04-28-2013 AMMelvin SpencerPeer Pressure (1)
04-28-2013 PMMelvin SpencerPeer Pressure (2)
05-05-2013 AMMelvin SpencerMy Father's Business
05-12-2013 AMMelvin SpencerA Helpmeet from the Lord
05-12-2013 PMMelvin SpencerBeing On Time
05-19-2013 AMMelvin SpencerThe Word of God (1)
05-19-2013 PMMelvin SpencerThe Word of God (2)
05-26-2013 AMMelvin SpencerAn Undelivered Message
05-26-2013 PMMelvin SpencerHappiness begins with God
06-02-2013 AMMelvin SpencerBeing the Example of Christ
06-02-2013 PMMelvin SpencerPromises by the Master
06-09-2013 AMLarry WrightTaking Care of Our Birthright
06-09-2013 AMLarry WrightPositive Identification of the Lord's Church
06-09-2013 PMLarry WrightExcuse Me From Being my Best
06-10-2013Larry WrightDoing All Things According to the Pattern
06-11-2013Larry WrightWe are Being Hunted
06-12-2013Larry WrightWhat's Training Our Conscience
06-13-2013Larry WrightOvercoming Our Trials
06-14-2013Larry WrightThe Other Side of Faith
06-16-2013 AMMelvin SpencerLooking Up to the Best
06-16-2013 PMMelvin SpencerRestorning a Lost Soul
06-23-2013 AMMelvin SpencerThe Importance of Prayer
06-23-2013 PMMelvin SpencerA Crown of Life - One Size Fits All
06-30-2013 AMMelvin SpencerInfluence - Reputation
06-30-2013 PMMelvin SpencerUnity
07-07-2013 AMMelvin SpencerAbide with the Lord
07-07-2013 PMMelvin SpencerFornication
07-14-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWhat do you Have in your Hand?
07-14-2013 PMMelvin SpencerFig Leaves Not Enough (1)
07-21-2013 AMMelvin SpencerHow Long Will You Serve God?
07-21-2013 PMMelvin SpencerFig Leaves Not Enough (2)
07-28-2013 AMMelvin SpencerLove
08-04-2013 AMMelvin SpencerUnderstanding the Word of God
08-04-2013 PMMelvin SpencerSatan is Alive and Doing Well
08-11-2013 AMMelvin SpencerThe Time is at Hand
08-11-2013 PMMelvin SpencerGod is Trying to Get Your Attention
08-18-2013 AMBrian MooreAll Important Facts of the Bible (1)
08-18-2013 PMBrian MooreAll Important Facts of the Bible (2)
08-25-2013 AMDon BrownTeaching Our Young People
08-25-2013 PMDon BrownExcept Ye Be Converted
09-01-2013 AMMelvin SpencerPrayers of a Righteous Man
09-01-2013 PMMelvin SpencerYou can Run but you Can't Hide
09-08-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWhat's Your Excuse? (Part 1)
09-08-2013 PMMelvin SpencerWhat's Your Excuse? (Part 2)
09-15-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWhat is a Christian (Part 1)
09-15-2013 PMSteve RembertOvercoming Temptation - Know Thyself
09-22-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWhat is a Christian (Part 2)
09-22-2013 PMMelvin SpencerOur Biggest Problem - Lying
09-29-2013 AMSteve RembertFellowship
09-29-2013 PMSteve RembertEvangelism
10-06-2013 AMMelvin SpencerThe Question Box
10-06-2013 AMMelvin SpencerAssembling of the Saints (1)
10-06-2013 PMMelvin SpencerAssembling of the Saints (2)
10-13-2013 AMMelvin SpencerFellowship in the Church (1)
10-13-2013 PMMelvin SpencerFellowship in the Church (2)
10-20-2013 AMMelvin SpencerHarvest is Ready - Looking for Workers
10-20-2013 PMMelvin SpencerDifficult People in our Lives
10-27-2013 AMMelvin SpencerDrawing Near to God (1)
10-27-2013 PMMelvin SpencerDrawing Near to God (2)
11-03-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWhat Can Be Said About Your House
11-03-2013 PMMelvin SpencerThe Guilty Man
11-10-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWhy Was the Rich Man Foolish
11-10-2013 PMMelvin SpencerKnowledge is Wasted When...
11-17-2013 AMMelvin SpencerIf God Expects Instant Growth, then Why?
11-17-2013 PMMelvin SpencerHave Ye Not Read?
11-24-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWe Should be Ashamed (1)
11-24-2013 PMMelvin SpencerWe Should be Ashamed (2)
12-01-2013 AMMelvin SpencerYou Must Choose One or the Other
12-01-2013 PMMelvin SpencerCovenants
12-08-2013 PMMelvin SpencerGathering Together for a Specific Purpose
12-15-2013 AMMelvin SpencerSometimes We Need to be Reminded (1)
12-15-2013 PMMelvin SpencerSometimes We Need to be Reminded (2)
12-22-2013 AMMelvin SpencerHeard But Not Seen
12-22-2013 PMMelvin SpencerThe Word of God Is
12-29-2013 AMMelvin SpencerWho is Jesus
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