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Class Material
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Are We Saved by Works?
Are You a Christian?
Church Growth
The Church of Christ before the Restoration Movement
Consider the Source
Do We Really Need a "Thou Shall Not?"
Evangelistic Oversight
In Thy Seed
Looking For an Open Door
The Lord's Day
New Testament Miracles
Should we Keep the Sabbath?
Turning Water into Wine
Two Masters
Who Will Answer to Whom?
The Book of Romans
MS Word
A Study of The Holy Spirit
Unraveling the Da Vinci Code
The Work of the Church
4401 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40211
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Are There Christians in Denominational Churches?
Charismatic Misleadings
How Is Justification Attained?
Is It Okay without a Thou Shall Not
I Am a Christian, and...
Jehovah Jireh
Musical Instruments #1
Musical Instruments #2
The Possibility of Apostasy
What the Bible Says about Antichrist
What to Tell Those Who Do Not Believe in Baptism
With What Are You Building Your House?
Characteristics of a Child
Growing in Grace and Knowledge
How Are Your Eyes
Should a Christian Smoke Cigarettes
The Christian and Movies
The Resurrection of Christ
Walking Towards Heaven
Wearing Religious Titles
What Is a Christian
West End church of Christ
Louisville, Kentucky
Are We Really Thankful
But If Our Gospel Be Hid
Are You Committed
Considering Ourselves
Did Jesus Use Our Hermenuetics
Did You Know
Following Tradition
How Will We Be Found
New Year, New Possibilities
One God, Three Persons
The Cross
The Gift of Tongues
The Godhead, Following Tradition & The Sin of Divorce
The Great Salvation
The Rich Man and Lazarus
The Sinless Life of Christ
Times to Pray
Trusting God
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MS Word
Abiding in Truth
Beatitudes in the Book of Revelation
Choose #1
Choose #2
Don't Give Up on God
Is a Man Saved by Faith Alone
Is Death the Penalty for Living
Keep Your Seat
Christians Are Saved by Hope - Leon Goff
Let Us
Only Jesus Saves
Studying God's Word
The Christian's Responsibility
Unscriptural Baptism
What Did Jesus Bring to This World
When Is It Right for a Church to Divide
Where Will the Social Gospel Stop
Ye Did Run Well
Are You Satisfied?