What If?

Today is a new day and tomorrow is not promised.  What if you had died yesterday where would you spend your eternity?   The life in which we live is giving to us for a short time compared to eternity.  Make the best of the time in which we have to serve the one that gave it to us.  

James says "your life is but a vapor that apears for a little while and then vanishes away."  (4:14)  We should be stiving to do the will of God in order to spend our eternity with Him.  

We learn of God by hearing His word.  Hearing it gives us faith and an assurance of being able to see Him and hear Him say "well done my good and faithful servant.... enter into the joy of your master."  (Matthew 25:23

What if we did all that God requires of us?  We would be giving the promise of a home with Him.  On the other hand what if we did not do what was required of us?  We would be giving a home that was prepared for Satan and his angels.  

Those that do not adhere to the word of God will be cast our in the end.  They will be told that they are unknown and to depart into outer darkness.   (Matthew 7:23;  Matthew 25:30

The choice is ours - Let's hope that we see one another around the thone worshipping God on that great day.