Man's Design Vs God's Design

Man's design vs God's                                                                                                                       

The Titanic was designed by men who declared it unsinkable and built by skilled workers. It took about 26 months to build.

The Titanic was 882 feet 9 inches (269.06 m) long with a maximum breadth of 92 feet 6 inches (28.19 m). Her total height, measured from the base of the keel to the top of the bridge, was 104 feet (32 m). She measured 46,328 gross register tons and with a draught of 34 feet 7 inches (10.54 m), she displaced 52,310 tons. It sailed across the North Atlantic waters just as it was designed to do. It sailed for 4 days before hitting an iceberg and sunk. 1,500 plus people died, including passengers and crew when it went down. It sailed for 4 days. What a massive number of people to die from one shipwreck.

Noah's Ark was designed by God (the greatest Architect) and built by Noah. The time to construct it is estimated around 75 years. It was built to hold and save 8 people and animals of every species for reproduction after the flood. Its dimensions are given as 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height (450 × 75 × 45 ft or 137 × 22.9 × 13.7 m). Noah and his family were in the ark for over a year. It floated on the waters for months and not one soul was lost. The word of God states that, a few, that is 8 souls were saved by water.

The greatest ship wasn't the Titanic but the Ark that Noah built.