The Slip of the Tongue

Series: PURITY: The Mind of A Christian

Church of Christ in New Pekin, Indiana

Address: 399 S 1st St, New Pekin, IN 47165

Phone(812) 967-3437


Fall Gospel Meeting with Bro. Melvin Spencer

September 11-16, 2022

THEME:     "PURITY" The Mind of A Christian

SUNDAY AM:          Abortion os Murder

SUNDAY PM:          A Look at Modesty

MONDAY:                Just One Drink

TUESDAY:               Dancing to the Music

WEDNESDAY:        Tattoos/Body Piercings

THURSDAY:            The Slip of the Tongue

FRIDAY:                   Homosexuality is an Abomination

Gospel Meeting Times:

Sunday Bible Study:                        9:45 AM

                Morning Worship:           10:30 AM

                Evening Worship:             5:00 PM

Monday  - Friday:                             7:00 PM




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